Video Resolution Correction and Colorization Using AI

We all relish watching top-quality videos on our screens. Whether it's an ad, a meme, or a short video, it has to make a powerful impact on the viewers, and one way to achieve this feat is by producing high-quality video content. But if you are dealing with curating old videos for TV and museums, you are already aware that most of those old videos are either in black and white or have low resolution.

Our experts, using the patented AI-backed video colorization technology, can add color and enhance the resolution of those videos, so they are more appealing to viewers and can be stored for future use.

What we do

Here at Mechapal, we know that several factors can combine to make your videos less than appealing. Most of these factors may not be within your control. A good example are those old movies and video clips captured using inferior tools of the gone-by years. If you wish to revive those videos for viewing, you would have to upgrade them.

At Mechapal, we use AI-based technology to bring those old films back to life so you can screen them on Tv and broadcast to your viewers. Our trained technicians have what it takes to colorize such videos and increase their resolutions, so they can meet today's standards.

We enhance video colors

We use a top-notch algorithm to enhance your less than impressive videos through innovative video colorization. If you are working on something from the archive, most likely in black and white, you have nothing to worry about since we can add color to the images to bring them back to life. Our AI-based technology allows us to verify the results to ensure they reflect the original content.

Video stabilization

An unexpected wobble, a sudden tilt, or shake may render a section of your video unpalatable. At Mechapal, we not only correct colors but also attend to video stabilization. We use AI to analyze and curate your images, so they can have that appealing feel for your company ads or museums.

Our technology leaves nothing to chance. We have a feature allowing you to compare the curated image against the original video. You can assess for yourself the difference between the original work and our results. We ensure the final image is as authentic as it is practically possible.

Video resolution correction and enhancement

Your old photos and videos may not have the best resolution. The poor resolution could be the result of degradation or low spatial resolution. Sometimes you need to enlarge the video frame, so we have to increase the resolution to maintain or enhance the final product's quality. If you pull something from the archives and it happens to have low resolution, bring it to us, and we will upgrade it. Trust our technicians to do a great job due to their training and long experience.

Correction of error

If your images have such errors are blurs, bright or dark spots, our team of professional engineers can rectify them. We may also introduce temporal enhancement if the pictures aren't impressive just yet. Thanks to our AI-based technology, every image receives a considerable quality boost for remarkable results. But the task of correcting colors can be more complicated than you may think. The algorithm tries to interpret changes in scenes and fill them with stock colors. For instance, an area with vegetation would receive a green color. This technology helps add various colors to your black and white movies, and represent them as realistically as possible.

If you would like to sample our video colorization services, you are free to request a free demo. At Mechapal, our business is to connect AI with existing businesses. If you need more information, please Contact us.

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