Introducing the Earth Scan for Solar Farm Planning Using AI

The key to a greener future lies in our ability to utilize technology for the greatest benefit to humanity. Though many technologies developed to usher in an age of greater abundance are still young, the field is advancing faster than almost any other in humanity's history. And, by combining revolutionary technologies in ingenious ways, we can achieve greater global prosperity faster.

At Mechapal, we are dedicated to making life better for the next generations, and renewable energy is a pivotal component to achieving this. We have developed a revolutionary AI-powered system that can scan cities and identify ideal locations to place solar panels. So, what makes MechaPal's new Earth Scan so revolutionary?

Solar Farm Planning Issues

Solar farms have the potential to bring sustainable energy to billions of people around the world. The many benefits of solar include the low cost of installation, operation, and maintenance. But, solar has yet to receive the attention it deserves in many areas because the technology is still so young on the commercial stage. Many issues surround the planning and implementation of solar farms to bring this clean, alternative energy source to major cities.

Analyzing territories to determine their fitness for a solar farm typically takes a lot of time and money due to the complexity of the task. And one of the biggest hurdles is finding the appropriate places to build the solar farm. However, MechaPal is committed to making this process the least complex so that you can dedicate more time to other areas of planning.

Earth Scan Solar Farm Planning Using AI

Our AI system combines satellite orbit images with other topography information to identify the best places for placing solar panels. By combining computer vision with convolutional neural networks, Earth Scan intelligently recognizes and distinguishes content in images that are imperceptible to the human eye. We've revolutionized this technology for application to the specific use case of detecting optimal solar panel placement. By training it to be used for this specific case, we can pinpoint precise locations in both rural areas and major cities that will result in the greatest solar panel functionality.

Combining all of this information gives us a digital surface model showing a bird's-eye view of the city. From there, we generate a baseline estimate of the location's viability for the use of solar panels. The best part is we can do this with virtually any address.

How Earth Scan Differs from Other Solar Farm Planning Techniques

As a satellite or high-altitude drone scans the Earth's surface, various distortion types happen as physics plays upon the images. Current commercially available land segmentation solutions suffer from fragility in processing images that appear skewed or tilted compared to the training data used to teach AI models. Unlike those models, MechaPal's Earth Scan is a solar farm planning solution that can correct orbital inclination distortions.

MechaPal uses an unconventional model design and heavy annotation to prepare the data for use in training. This method empowers the satellite and drone images and slashes the cost of utilizing AI to plan your next solar farm. Click here to see sample output images that compare the regular image to our AI-powered solar farm identification system.

Our Commitment to You

The current solar industry practices are still in their infancy. Therefore, it is often more difficult than it should be to implement this world-saving technology. As the world of technology advances quickly, we believe that no business should be left behind or denied a chance to stay as competitive as possible. MechaPal is dedicated to finding innovative new approaches to bring the technology of the 21st-century to every business at an affordable price. We want to hear from you! Contact us today to schedule a demo and discuss your vision for the future of your business. We guarantee you'll be impressed by MechaPal's commitment to you!

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