Yet another just for fun app to guess what are you doodling about.



This is an AI in a form of a JavaScript running totally at your machine. It's an affordable approach to use AI for any application while avoiding the heavy cost of advanced servers.

This is a doodle game helpful for kids’ education applications (online and offline). Try to sketch an object in the white box below and the model will make a guess.

list of doodles

The model is trained to classify the following: bush ,crab ,asparagus ,beard ,diving board ,cell phone ,bus ,baseball ,bucket ,cat ,calendar ,binoculars ,basket ,circle ,bottlecap ,canoe ,campfire ,cloud ,airplane ,cake ,aircraft carrier ,clock ,basketball ,butterfly ,crocodile ,compass ,brain ,bed ,dresser ,clarinet ,arm ,anvil ,ant ,duck ,broom ,ceiling fan ,blackberry ,angel ,couch ,cookie ,ambulance ,crown ,bench ,blueberry ,bread ,cactus ,diamond ,bulldozer ,belt ,bat ,barn ,backpack ,apple ,camouflage ,chair ,drill ,cruise ship ,axe ,bee ,dolphin ,door ,beach ,banana ,cow ,church ,donut ,car ,book ,bird ,broccoli ,bandage ,bear ,bathtub ,baseball bat ,drums ,candle ,dog ,cannon ,camel ,cup ,castle ,boomerang ,carrot ,computer ,bridge ,calculator ,dragon ,bowtie ,bicycle ,alarm clock ,bracelet ,animal migration ,chandelier ,crayon ,cooler ,birthday cake ,dishwasher ,coffee cup ,cello and camera.


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