What is Lithops App

Bringing all-time-legends to you with Lithops.

An application dedicated to undoing Medusa’s work and turn statues all over the world into talkative bits that are eager to meet people. They will tell you about themselves, what have they done on earth and how they wish life has become by now. All powered by AI. Excited enough? Get the App and meet them now!

Sharing a story!

At lithops we love history and we already started de-petrifying many statues and we are doing our job with great passion. Our statues are not only standing. They travel the world telling people about their secrets and mysteries, a love story, sweet poem, a folktale, and some drama but always true and always inspiring.
What does the mobile app have to offer?

Lithops features

Register a statue and help our insanely busy wizards to prepare stone gaze remedies. Just take a facial picture of a human statue and write their story. if your lines are correct, the magic will happen and the statue will come to life. Follow other explorers like you and get notified when they break another spell. We also offer promotional statues that match many people's tastes.
How do you animate stones

Not only stones but anything with a face.

Bored listening to history lectures? We hear you and we care about the past as much as we care about the future. Learning is joyful with Lithops. We introduce Statues that want to meet you and are eager to take another selfie with you. Our technology renders the sound and the life-like movement and our experts deliver the finest story of our beloved dusty ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

At MechaPal, our goal is to create experiences that encourage healthy indoor and outdoor exploration and social gameplay. With Lithops, players can meet the world's most enlightened minds on their phones. They can discover and learn from many of them, inspired by their stories, collect badges, register their legends, and more. We’ve answered some of the most common questions about Lithops that new players might have below.

Lithops is designed to be played indoors and outdoor. It carries with it some of the risks of any other activity including hiking, biking, or playing sports in a park. Users should always remain aware of their environment and avoid going into any inappropriate areas, or any area where they are not permitted to be. Pedestrians should remain aware of hazards, including other pedestrians, traffic, and obstacles. As with any mobile app, Lithops should not be operated while driving a vehicle. Parents should guide and supervise their children’s use of the product, including where to play and how to use a mobile phone app safely. Lithops APP does not show any adult content in any of its animations.

Lithops App is available for adult and child players. The content is tailored to be educative for kids and adults alike. Additionally, we encourage parents to explore the range of settings available to them on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store to control aspects of app usage. For example, on the Apple App Store, parents can control settings, such as camera settings, and data plan limits.

Lithops App collects information to operate the game and to optimize and improve our products and services. Lithops does not sell any adult’s or child’s user information to third parties.

Lithops shows 3 types of statues, The original statue with its gray color (Corresponding to a real statue in that location), the virtual statue with a cloud underneath it (that does not exist in that location) the earned ones with its golden color.

Lithops coverage is global yet not all cities have their real statues covered, we are doing our best to ensure all users have access to our service. Virtual statues will appear around all users but if you wish to receive real statues notifications, register some more people will follow your way.

No, our service does not reach to user's GPS location as extensive as the other applications. However, Keep in mind that using GPS in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. We don’t run GPS in the background unless you permit us by turning on this feature.

Lithops app shows statues in their original locations and also places them virtually and randomly in designated cities. Those statues will appear within 50KM from your current location. To meet a statue, you must be within 10 meters from its location. Once in range, a notification will appear on your phone asking whether you wish to meet the statue or not, once confirmed, you can take a selfie with it to create a memory or view its animation content right away.

Lithops streams its video with compression that matches your internet speed. The maximum content size is less than 50 megabytes..

Users earn access to the video story, , badges that hold a rare picture of the met statue, and legendary score points that users may exchange with discount coupons that are available based on their region.

Registering a statue is a fruitful experience in which your touch will be paired with the statue forever. You need 4 things, the name of the statue, the script (300 words), a clear facial picture of the statue (without shadows or objects covering it), and the site area with the statue in it. Once ready, submit your request and our team of historians and engineers will follow up on your request.

Our experts will make sure it takes the shortest time, however, as the number of applications is increasing. It may take a few days. You can always track your request from the registration menu in the app.

Following a user allows you to get notified about their newly accepted statues, some users are talented in writing their lines and people like to be inspired by such people.

That is possible. You can stop your account from being public in the settings section.

All your comments and ratings will be removed and all the statues you registered will be registered under Lithops user. The re-registering to your account is not possible.

Every time you earn a statue you have the chance to take a selfie with it. you can take many pictures with it after earning it as well from the camera icon at the top left side of the earned statue page. Those pictures are called memories and you can set them to private (so only you can see them) or public (so people who earn this statue can see it).

Users can share their memories with the statue, the share is the pictures they took with a text indicating the name of the statue. statue video is not sharable.

Promotional lithops are statues with commercial merit rather than historical merit. they appear virtually in addition to their sponsor's designated location. They have the same abilities as standard statues.

The flying-GPS icon allows users to travel virtually to other cities that Lithops covers to view their statues collections. Users can’t earn statues from those cities as they are physically not near them.

Notifications can be disabled from the settings of the user's phone.

Issues can be reported by shaking the phone or by going to report issues in settings, statue page, or memory.

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